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Wraps and scarves

We’re not talking about the burrito type of wrap here, we’re talking about a long piece of fabric that’s wrapped around the wearer in whatever style they choose. They’re generally pretty unstructured, which allows versatility in how they’re worn, in terms of style and occasion.

Our pashmina scarves fit into this category but it’s important to differentiate between fabrics. A wrap or scarf is only a pashmina when it’s been crafted using top-quality wool from pashmina goats. This is the case with our scarves, which are handmade in Nepal and made from beautiful pashmina wool, that’s harvested ethically.


A cape is basically a sleeveless jacket or coat that fastens around the neckline. To use your hands, you simply pop them out of slits that are usually in the front of the garment, and sometimes concealed. It might have buttons or clips down the front of it and could be shorter or longer. A cape is generally quite structured and may be considered more of a formal garment, in the same way that a tailored coat might be.


Ponchos are almost a bit of a cape-wrap hybrid (confused yet?) a poncho is usually made out of soft, unstructured material and consists of a square or circle with a head hole cut out of it. It’s much more “free” than a cape, and gives the feel of being wrapped in a stylish blanket, especially if it’s made from pashmina wool like our ponchos are.

However, don’t be fooled by their relaxed fabric and fit! A poncho can easily be dressed up for the right occasion and is a great practical, warm choice that keeps your hands free.

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